An Esports Legacy

Established in 2003, CheckSix Gaming is a premier professional esports organization and pioneer in the global competitive gaming scene. We have cemented our legacy over the past 14 years with over 50 championships at the most prestigious esports circuits across the globe playing almost every major PC game title to date.

This rich history has led to us to being viewed as a passionate trusted brand and partner within the esports industry.

We are building a gaming community welcome to all supported by our same sponors that support our professional teams and built to give everyone a place to call home. With giveaways and discounts we hope to offer you more thatn just an online forum of like minded gamers.

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We truly belive in the sponsors we partner with in bringing the best gaming products to our fans and community.


Designed for Esports

Whether you're gaming online or at a tournament, the LS25 is tuned for competition, with an over-ear design offering immersive sound isolation and impressive acoustics.

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Trusted by Champions

Competition is at our core. Experience the same seating that has been developed for competitive gamers, esports teams, streamers, youtubers, and gamers alike. Our chairs have been designed from the ground up to fit the professional athletes every need.

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