CheckSix Gaming Returns to Counter-Strike

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CheckSix Gaming Returns to Counter-Strike

CheckSix Gaming picks up North American team "Make War Not Love". The CheckSix 
Counter-Strike roster contains a line of new generation Counter-Strike players 
and familiar faces that the organization is fond of and proud to house again. 

Corey "flashstep" Parks will be returning to the organization for his second stint. 
Corey led the CheckSix Counter-Strike: Source team from 2010-2011 for four seasons; 
taking the team to playoffs each season. 

The CheckSix Counter-Strike team will be competing in the E-Sports Entertainment 
Association's (ESEA) Mountain Dew League, formerly known as the Premier League.
The Mountain Dew League is a brand new initiative that gives professional to give 
teams an opportunity to compete for a coveted spot in the Electronic Sports 
League (ESL) professional Counter-Strike league. The ESL pro league houses top 
teams in North America and Europe.

"I'm very exited to be returning to the CheckSix organization. My objective this 
season is to lead our team to the ESL Pro League", said Corey Parks, Counter-Strike 
"Make War Not Love" will be playing under the CheckSix name, effective 
September 27, 2017. The teams roster will consist of: Corey “flashstep” Parks, 
Josh “joshbM” Blier, Jacob “L0ner” Webster, Nolan "Temperature" Pepper, and 
Nick "Zeptic" King.

About CheckSix Gaming: The organization was formed in 2003 and based
out of Austin, Texas. CheckSix is a multi-gaming organization that hosts
top acclaimed games like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft,
Battlefield, and Dota.
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