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POSTED BY FatBack May 21, 2018 in Announcements
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CheckSix Gaming enters Competitive Fortnite BR and picks up a new North American roster. 

We are extremely excited to enter the arena of Fortnite. We love the battle royale genre and the fast pace style of Fortnite is easy to entertain and we think competitive matches are going to be a blast. We look forward to this roster competing at the highest level across all tournaments.

Fortnite Battle Royale – part of the battle royale game genre, as the title would suggest – is based off the co-op survival game Fortnite, developed by Epic Games. Multiple four-man squads parachute onto a map supporting up to 100 players; teams gather and scavenge resources to help them be the last ones standing within a shrinking safe zone.

The CheckSix Fortnite roster:

  • Cameron “Vibe” Ash (Manager)
  • Nicholas “Salt” Calip (IGL)
  • Maurice “Scepthed” McGleish
  • Will “Witzz” Fritz
  • Emad “Emad” Nasif

Nicholas “Salt” Calip (IGL)
Favorite Skin:  Munition expert.
What are you most excited about in joining CheckSix?
I am most excited about how well the roster cooperates and communicates with one another. Competing with this group of guys is going to be awesome. We can’t wait to show the world what we can do.
Twitter: @SaltKappa_
Twitch: saltkappa_

Maurice “Scepthed” McGleish
Favorite Skin:  Zoey
What are you most excited about in joining CheckSix?
I’m excited for this roster because we all mesh and get along really well, while always giving constructive criticism and working hard. The future for x6 Fortnite is the be at the top.
Twitter: @_Scepthed_
Twitch:  scepthed

Will “Witzz” Fritz
Favorite Skin:  Whiplash
What are you most excited about in joining CheckSix?
I only expect to bring home championships and tournament wins for x6, I will stop at nothing to make sure that we are a top caliber team. This roster is full of spectacular individual players, put together we are a powerhouse.
Twitter: @Witzz_
Twitch: witzz_

Emad “Emad” Nasif 
Favorite Skin:
 Black Night
What are you most excited about in joining CheckSix?
I think the skys the limits for x6 Fortnite with our potential we can accomplish anything. I am excited about how my teammates and I have such a good time together. Nothing can get between us.
Twitch: emadGG

Cameron “Vibe” Ash
Favorite Skin:  Brite Bomber
What are you most excited about in joining CheckSix?
The future is extremely bright for this young talented team, people will know who we are. The best thing about this team is we all get along together and everyone has a strong urge to be the best.
Twitter: @viibegt
Twitch: iamvibe

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